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Mi Band
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Mi Band
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Mi Band
Mi Band

Xiaomi (Mi) Band

Mi Band

Understand your every move.
Military-grade sensor, 30 day battery


Sync with the app to analyze your fitness and sleep activitiesto help you improve your lifestyle.

Sync with the Mi Band app in real-time via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) to view your fitness and sleep 
records. Save up to a year's worth of data and get healthy lifestyle suggestions. Share and compare
your data with friends to see who's healthier!


 Identify yourself with Mi Band. Swipe, unlock. No passcodes required.

Forget complicated passwords. Simply reach for your phone, swipe, and unlock. Anyone else who tries
will be prompted to enter a passcode. Your Mi Band can be linked to your Mi Account, enhancing the 
security of your personal data. 


Incoming call alerts

Never miss an important call again. Ask Mi Band to sense when a call 
has not been picked up within a certain time, and notify you immediately



Top-quality components


30-day battery life

One full charge lasts 30 days, that’s 4 times longer than regular fitness bands


IP67 water-resistant

The Mi Band is certified IP67 water-resistant.


Locate your Mi Band

Use the app to tell Mi Band light up and vibrate, as long as it is within Bluetooth® range.


Tested to be tougher


High-temperature testing

Subjected to temperatures of

70 for 128 hours continuously



Low-temperature testing

Subjected to temperatures of
for 128 hours continuously


Drop testing

Dropped 12 times on marble 
surface from a height of 1.2m


Cosmetic resistance testing

Smeared with petroleum jelly 
and left for 24 hours


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