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21 Nov Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 256GB
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Buying a phone is not as easy as it used to be. Internet usage has changed everything. No one needs to just log on to the internet and start surfing online websites for getting the right information on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 256 GB with the warranty price in Pakistan. Samsung has provided amazing smartphones with user-friendly features. Today’..
21 Nov Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Active2
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For hundreds of years, people are fond of wearing watches not only punctuality or time things but also as a style statement. There are brands having some excellent and very costly watches like Rado, Rolex, etc., who have ruled the international market for years. Talking about Pakistan people are found having this craze of wearing a classy watch lik..
19 Nov Smart Devices Making Life Easier
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Do you know how important is a smart device nowadays? Do you think Smart gadgets are everywhere in today's era? Has it at any point given you a thought to consider what are you doing every day with your advanced mobile phone? Did you ever notice that these days most of our time is spent using the latest smart devices? Today, we will be looking into..
15 Nov Bluetooth Speaker in Pakistan
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Buying and selling have become really daunting task these days. With emerge of e-commerce, buying and selling have become much easier. Now all you need is an internet connection to browse for all your favorite products. If you are a music lover, and if you are looking for the best portable Bluetooth speaker in the market, Qmart is the right place f..
07 Nov Choosing the Best 4G smartphone
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Living in the world of technology and not being up-to-date with all the latest features of various products can be tricky for one these days. The 21st century has revolutionized the current era with such a boom that everyone is aware of the potential benefits that the latest gadgets can provide and dazzle one’s experience. The future of wireless co..
02 Oct 5 Unique features of Apple Products
basit 1 7717 is an online electronic site for shopping in Pakistan. It brings exciting Apple products at lower prices online with extreme quality. Pakistan’s best and most famous site online site which has all products with long-life. This site gives you many advantages with the best quality products Apple Products in Pakistan Apple is a worldwide b..
12 Sep Huawei SmartWatch GT
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According to Huawei smartwatch reviews, it is a sophisticated, sleek looking. The watch is durable. It does not hinder long sleeve or cause pain during pushups because of its non-bulky design. The Huawei smartwatch specs are not much different from other pricier smartwatches. However, there are slight differences in interface, functioning, and desi..
11 Sep Samsung Galaxy Watch
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The Samsung Galaxy watch is equipped with a battery that lasts for days, without compromising on functioning and speed. It is durable; users can wear it during water activities such as swimming. The Samsung Galaxy watch’s performance has been tested in a variety of conditions such as extremely high and low temperatures, aftershock or vibration, and..
11 Sep Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
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With the new and even better Samsung Galaxy tab S4 specs; there is a high demand for this smartphone all over the world. Now people can get the Samsung Galaxy tab S4 in Pakistan. According to the reviews by the users all over the world, the Samsung Galaxy tab S4 offer a better experience than its predecessors do. Users say that the Samsung Galaxy t..
11 Sep Apple iPad 6th Generation
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The Apple iPad 6 Generation in Pakistan is becoming very famous in a short time. You can get the Apple iPad 6 generation in Pakistan in three colors - Silver, Gold, and Space Gray. Each one looks very elegant and has an amazing display among other features. Here is a summary with some of the Apple iPad 6 Generation specs you need to know: Apple i..
05 Sep Top 5 Best & Most Affordable SmartWatches in Pakistan
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In Pakistan, who doesn’t want to have the best thing in life! Quality is always associated with cost and finding the best smartwatch in Pakistan seems impossible. A smartwatch with various features like notifications, sound, music, buzzer, vibrator and health assistant makes it more costly to wear but not always. There are some deals available whic..
30 Aug Samsung S10 Plus
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The Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus in Pakistan is available in Prism White, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Ceramic White, Canary Yellow, Ceramic Black, Prism Black, and Flamingo Pink colors. In addition to the variety in color. Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus specs are also remarkable. These include: 6.4 inches wide AMOLED Dynamic capacitive touchscreen of 16M col..
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