If you are looking for a cell phone to upgrade your overall personality, then give Xiaomi Mi 10 a try. It is one of the most classy phones recently released by any brand and has taken people’s breadth away due to its smart look and modern features. The screen is 6.65” long, and it has a super AMOLED capacitive touch screen that gives an attractive display. You will experience faster charging than other phones with its wireless charging of 30 watts and reverse wireless charging of 5 watts. Moreover, the super amazing 20 megapixels camera captures images that give a real-time display. The rear camera is even more advanced as it is 10 megapixels, and the pictures captured by it seem like a real scene.

The 8 GB RAM and 256 GB internal memory is good enough to keep a lot of apps and images saved in your phone. However, it doesn’t allow expandable memory (you rarely need it on this phone, trust me!). Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 in Pakistan at Qmart.pk that is the leading online store for mobile devices in the country. This phone is expensive, so it is a one-time kind of investment. The Xiaomi Mi 10 price at Qmart.pk is   Rs. 145, 490. It’s a hefty amount for sure, but once you buy it, it’s worth the investment. Apart from upgrading your overall personality, this phone will change your lifestyle. You will enjoy using different apps due to its catchy display, and fast charging will allow you to prolong use.