Ever wondered spending more than a hundred thousand rupees on a device and getting something in return? Alternatively, maybe sending a different and sweet gift to a loved one on any special occasion. Yes, that is possible! That is offered by Apple iTunes Gift Card worth 10 dollars. Yes that is around 2,199 Pakistani rupees but the important thing is that you can spend that on Apple iTunes store, where you can purchase your favorites, 50 million songs are available in apple music, millions and millions of apps from app store, Movies and TV shows on iTunes stores and thousands of books on Apple books. .

Apple iTunes Gift Card is very easy to receive and gift and to use it you can go to any apple store or apple.com and buy accessories and hardware from there. 1800-MY-APPLE is also an option to call on and choose from a variety of options to send the best gift possible. Sadly, the option of helpline and the option of apple store is not available in Pakistan but this does not mean that you cannot get it in Pakistan. You can sure get iTunes gift card in Pakistan and you can actually send Apple iTunes Gift card through mail or email as well. .

Not only that, you send it on a personal level to your loved ones, but it you cannot send it as a professional thanks gift or as an appreciation. For example, if there is a task you assigned to your team having five members, and you tell them the one who will be the best at this project will be awarded this gift card, which obviously is impossible to ignore. So in short iTunes gift card is an amusing gift which you can avail for yourself for your relative, your loved ones or maybe your office employees as well as an encouragement. With things ranging from apps, music, books, and stuff, you can use the amount gifted in Apple iTunes Gift Card in a number of valuable options. For instance, if it is your 15-year-old son's birthday, why don’t you become the best mommy by sending him the gift from which he can buy his favorite game apps?