In the modern era of technology and development, there isn’t possibly any individual who does not own a technology device. Either a smartphone, iPad or a tablet, people will at least have one or more technology product. As the demand of these products increase, so as their supportive equipment which are accessories. The role of the accessories is not only to optimize or enhance the features of you technological device but offer multiple functions such as safety. For instance, a smartphone could be used as a multipurpose device if relevant accessories are attached to it or if you are a content creator and produce videos, you may need a tripod or a ring light. Similarly smartphone covers offer safety and protection to the body of your phone from damages as a result of accidental falls while power banks work as emergency power supply in case the battery of your device runs out be it a smartphone or a laptop. Data cables are popular accessory as well since they aid in data transfer from one device to another. The accessories store prices are in different ranges depending on an individual product. If you are looking for an assorted accessories store in Pakistan, Qmart is one of them.