A Power Bank is an Electronic Device that is used to charge your mobile phones, tablets, speakers, and even laptops without an outlet.

The first Power bank was invented in 2001 by a Chinese organization called Pisen. This Power Bank had short battery life. Nowadays, there are significantly more refined and smaller power banks with far predominant battery life. Power Banks with modern technology are handy to use and can easily be carried anywhere and can charge your electronic device more often without discharging the battery.

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https://www.qmart.pk/aukey-10000mah-power-bank quite smart with enough power storage to charge your electronic devices faster and quickly. This Power Bank is handy and easy to use. It packs enough power to completely charge most cell phones on numerous occasions. USB Power Delivery port quickly charges viable USB-C gadgets at up to 18W. It has a USB-C port with Power Delivery 2.0 effectively charges viable gadgets quicker. Speedy Charge 3.0 port energizes viable gadgets multiple times quicker than traditional charging. Underlying shields protect your gadgets against the over-charging, unreasonable current, and overheating.


The Power bank, https://www.qmart.pk/samsung-battery-pack-10000mah-usb-c-fast-charge-dual-usb-port is very light and slim which makes it easy to handle. The Samsung Power Bank could be the best choice for the users who want their gadgets to be charged faster and quicker without having the stress of checking them again and again as this latest light-weight power bank helps you to power up easily while you are on the go. Overcurrent and Overvoltage safety ensures that without having to worry about high current levels destroying your system, you can power up safely. It recharges so quickly in just 220 minutes to maximize the capacity so you can return to your power bank faster than previous ones. With a 10,000mAH charging capacity, this Power Bank has the ability to provide an adequate amount of power supply to your gadget.

3. MI REDMI POWER BANK 3 20000 mAh:

Because of its high power and wide size, https://www.qmart.pk/mi-redmi-power-bank-3-20000mah can provide 3 USB output ports. Dual input ports: Micro USB + USB-C, When a dual-port is running at the same time, USB-C single port can provide 45 W MAX two-way fast charge function, USB-A single port can provide 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A quick performance. The Power Bank is 154*73.6*27.3 mm in size. A High-density Li-Po Battery of 20000 mAh is compatible with several mainstream phones and other smarter devices. Charging efficiency and safety of the device is guaranteed by 9 layers of circuit chip protection. They can be portably used to charge the LED lamps and pocket-sized portable fans.


https://www.qmart.pk/romoss-sense-6p-20000mah-power-bank is a light-weight power bank with an external battery of 2.1 A fast charge with dual digital LED display USB. This power bank with 20000 mAh energy provides adequate power supply to your electronic devices to make you comfortable that you can enjoy your long journey without having the fear that your mobiles could discharge at any time. High quality and protected Li-polymer battery are smart enough for power storage. The high capability of this power bank can be measured by Low consumption with high memory impact. Due to the dual USB feature, phones, pads, or alternative little electronic gadgets can be charged at the same time. Most mobile phones and tablets are compatible with this Power Bank. It is quite easy to read the remaining capacity through its smart Digital LED screen.

5. ASPOR A323 POWER BANK 10000 mAh:

This power bank https://www.qmart.pk/aspor,a323-power-bank-10000mah has 2 USB connectors that can deliver up to 2 A, which speeds up your device’s time considerably. Through this Power Bank, you can recharge your electronic gadget, no matter if you are outside your home. This light-weight power bank has a lead indicator that helps you to track both the power bank’s charging status and power consumption. The battery case with the soft-touch coating is made up of impact-resistant plastic.

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