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Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G

Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Out Of Stock
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G

Apple iPod Touch 32GB  5G 

Packed to the brim with pathbreaking technologies, the pink

iPod touch 5th Generation from Apple is sure to keep you

entertained for long. Featuring a 4 Inch Retina display, the

iPod touch boasts of an image resolution of 1136 x 640,

brightness of 500cd/m2, and a contrast ratio of 800:1. An

amalgamation of all these factors results in realistic and

lively picture clarity. Your gaming and movie experience will

never be the same. Thanks to a storage capacity of 32GB, you’ll

have ample space to store your music or favourite TV shows.

Using the 5MP iSight camera, you can capture highly detailed

and richly colored photographs of the world around you.

Aesthetic Design

Along with enhancing its beauty, the sleek and aesthetic

design of the iPod touch also makes it easy to use. It is

extremely lightweight, but is at par with other heavyweight

devices when it comes to gaming, web browsing, messaging,

and everything else.

Apple EarPods

After testing up to 124 different prototypes over 600 different

people, the engineers at Apple created the magnificent EarPods.

Simply put, they are designed to offer the ultimate in sound and comfort.

The Loop

The iPod touch loop is a snazzy way to keep your device safe at hand.

It comes color matched to your iPod touch, and can also

be purchased in different colors of your choice.

4 Inch Retina Display

Everything from the hairpin turns in your favorite racing

game to the gunfire in the latest action movie will seem lifelike

with the 4 Inch Retina display of the new iPod touch. You

can watch HD movies and TV shows saved in your iPod directly

on a widescreen TV without letterboxing any of the content.

And since the screen is taller than conventional 4 Inch displays,

it can easily be operated with just one hand.

iSight Camera

The 5MP iSight camera packs enough power to render your

point and shoot camera obsolete. Along with an advanced

optical setup, it comes with several features such as LED flash,

tap to focus, and face detection. The amalgamation of all these

features results in perfect pictures every time. The primary

camera is capable of recording 1080p Full HD videos, and can

even take sweeping panorama shots. For taking a panorama shot,

all you have to do is tap the button and move the camera over the

scene. The iPod touch does the rest, and creates a perfect wide

shot for you. On the other hand, the secondary FaceTime

HD camera can be used for video calling. The Photos app lets you

get creative with your images by enabling you to crop, edit, and

digitally enhance the photos. The innovative iOS 7 operating

system further allows you to build upon the camera functionalities

by providing options such as the square format and custom

inbuilt filters. You can add or delete these filters before or after

you shoot a photo. The iPhoto and iMovie apps

(available in the app store) provide you with even more editing options.

Dual Core A5 Chip

With up to twice the processing speed and seven times the graphics

power of the previous generation iPod touch, the 5th generation

iPod touch packs in a serious punch when it comes to entertainment.

In simple words, it is the most powerful iPod touch ever put into

production. In spite of its profound processing capabilities, the

A5 processor goes easy on the battery. It provides you with up to

40 hours of music and 8 hours of video with a single charge.

iTunes Radio

This unique and exclusive feature enables you to create, play,

and customize streaming music stations from among the chart

topping online songs. All this without having to pay for anything.

It allows you to quickly build a new station by selecting an artist,

a song, or one of the 250 stations that are focused on genres

and maintained by DJs. You can even have a station built around

any song you like that is playing on iTunes Radio or your

personal music library. You can tune the mix further by adding

your favorite artists and songs, or by skipping music you don't

like. These stations keep a track of your likes and dislikes based

on the music you listen to or download, and offer a more

personalized experience each time you use them.

Entertainment At Your Fingertips

You can find songs from almost all genres on the iTunes store.

Be it classic rock or jazz; the right song for any moment is just a

tap away. Regarding video playback, the 4 Inch Retina display

makes it as good as it gets. Thanks to 44 percent color saturation,

the images will now seem more alive. If you cannot wait to watch

that movie your friends had been raving about, head straight to

the iTunes store, because that is where you would find it

ready for download.


You can now watch a movie that you have downloaded to

your iPod touch on your iPad! This is possible via iCloud.

Using this application, you can access the content on all

your devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even PC. This

makes transferring data manually using data cables a

thing of the past.

Game On

Thanks to powerful dual core performance and high quality

graphics, the iPod touch is surely the most popular portable

gaming device on offer. With more than 1 million apps,

260,000 of which are games, you’ll never ever be bored.

The Game Center, a social gaming hub, lets you create

your own gaming profile. You can then play with other

gamers on the hub by sending and accepting invites.

The App Store

This Apple offering is a delight for those who are always

on the hunt for fun, unique, and sometimes downright

crazy apps. If they have made an app for it, the App

store probably has it.

More Fun with Built In Apps

The iPod touch will keep you entertained for a long time

with its list of built in apps. Some of them include iMessage,

which enables limitless chat with your friends over WiFi; FaceTime,

which enables you to make video calls; and Safari, which

enables web browsing. iOS 7 also provides you with other

quintessential applications such as Control Center, AirDrop,

Siri, and iTunes Radio.

Stay Connected with your Friends

with Facebook and Twitter

The iPod touch has been deeply integrated with Facebook

and Twitter, making it easy for you to stay in touch with

your friends on the social networks. You can share photos

and videos, see upcoming birthdays in Calendar and

Contacts, and even like apps and songs without

having to close the app you are using.

Fun with Siri

Want to know whether you should carry your jacket

when you are going out? Ask Siri. Want to watch a movie

or have lunch at a nice restaurant, but cannot decide on

a good place? Ask Siri. With quicker and more accurate

responses than the last generation Siri, she will provide

you with any information you want. All you have to do

is speak to her. Ask Siri to send a text message by dictating

it, or make her update your Facebook status. Tell her to

play your favorite track, or get some info on the latest

Hollywood gossip. Whatever it is, Siri caters to your

every need.

Bigger Fun with AirPlay

This unique feature lets you wirelessly stream the

content on your iPod touch onto larger screens using

Apple TV. You can display the scenes from your favorite

movie on your HDTV or play your favorite track on your

music system. These systems need to be Airplay enabled.

All you have to do is tap the AirPlay icon from the app

you are in. Instantly, everything that is on the small screen

of your iPod touch gets displayed on a larger HDTV. AirPlay

Mirroring helps you achieve this. For streaming music,

your speakers need to be synchronized with AirPlay or

connected to AirPort Express.

Bluetooth Connectivity

No more do you have to worry about wires hindering your

freedom of movement when you are sweating it out in the gym.

You can connect your iPod touch seamlessly with Bluetooth

enabled headphones, or even car stereo systems.

Lightning Connector

This small data and power connector is a step ahead of the

30 pin connectors on the previous generation iPods. The

included lightning to 30 pin adapter cable makes this

iPod touch compatible with every other Apple device

that you might already own.

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Apple iPod Touch 32GB 5G
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